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Benefits and cleaning steps for microfiber glasses cloth and towel cloth

Benefits and cleaning steps for microfiber glasses cloth and towel cloth


Benefits of using microfiber glasses cloth

1. The small particles of dust in the air are invisible to the human eye. Every day the glasses look clean as new, but in fact, there are many invisible dirty things all over the human eye. Just like everyone washes their face and cleans their skin every day, glasses also require professionalism. Cleaning supplies to clean. If you do not clean properly, it will not only damage the lenses, but also give you the illusion that your glasses have risen again and new glasses are needed.

2. Microfiber glasses cloth under a high-power microscope, the fibers of the glasses cloth are arranged more closely than ordinary cloth fibers, and the material itself is softer than ordinary cloth, and almost all lenses nowadays are coated lenses, each lens There are seven layers of different functions on the front and back, so ordinary glasses cloth has a good cleaning effect at first, but after a long time, those small particles will enter the fiber, and the result is just imagined. Compared with ordinary cloth, the special microfiber glasses cloth will last longer.

3. The microfiber glasses cloth can be cleaned with water after a period of use, does not affect any use effect, is recycled, and is environmentally friendly; and the microfiber glasses cloth has the functions of disinfection, high sweat absorption, high cleaning, etc., and the cleaning effect is strong. Without leaving a watermark, wrapping the glasses can avoid scratches and damage from hard objects and extend the life of the lenses.

 microfiber glasses cloth

What is the difference between glasses cloth of different fabrics

The fibers of the glasses cloth are arranged more tightly than ordinary cloth, and the material itself is softer than ordinary cloth.

Ordinary fabric: It is only suitable for lightly wiping the mirror surface that has been cleaned. Since ordinary fabrics have no gaps to accommodate dirt, the surface of the cloth will be very dirty and difficult to clean.

Microfiber fabric: When used wet, dirt and oil stains can be emulsified, and the microfiber can be wiped more easily. High water absorption, so that it can clean the spilled liquid very quickly.

Microfiber double-fleece fabric: soft, gentle, and full texture, but there are more piles on one side.

Suede fabric: The feel and appearance are similar to natural suede. It is fine and flat, soft and plump. It can be used to wipe glasses clean and will not scratch the lenses.

glasses cloth

Reasons of choosing microfiber products

Soft and comfortable, bright colors.

With super cleaning ability, it can quickly take away the dust and fingerprints on the special surface of the body

A special cross section can capture dust particles of a few microns more effectively. Degreasing, decontamination, and water absorption effects are very obvious

It does not shed hair, spins, does not ball, and has a polishing effect without damaging the surface.

Customized nursing gloves according to customer requirements: made of superfine fibers, mainly used in various electronics, lenses, dust-free workshops, electrical appliances, glasses, jewelry, antiques, porcelain, high-end furniture, etc. Do not scratch the surface damage, it can effectively remove the oil and dust on the surface.

How to clean the microfiber towel cloth

Method 1: First of all, if the microfiber towel fabric is dirty, you can try to use a special detergent to scrub the microfiber towel cloth. The best water temperature for washing is 40-50℃. Note that after rinsing, it is best to wash gently and rinse a few more times. It must be rinsed clean, that is, you do not need to use a lot of water to clean each time you rinse, but it is necessary to wash a few more times. And it is better to wring dry after each flushing, and then carry out the second flushing, so as to increase the power of scrubbing. In addition, the microfiber towel cloth should be dried in a ventilated and cool place, and it must be prevented from being exposed to the sun. This can prevent the colored fabric from fading.

Method 2: Towels generally become very hard after being washed for a long time. First, if the towels become hard, they can be boiled in alkaline water for 10 minutes and then washed. Generally, you can add 30 grams of soda ash to 1.5 kg of water and make it very simple. When the towel becomes soft, if the towel becomes slippery, it can be washed with concentrated salt water and then rinsed with clean water.

What should I do if the terry cloth becomes hard?

Many people now want to know the answer to the question of how to deal with the hardening of the terry cloth, because many times the terry cloth is related to their health and some facial skin conditions. Generally, a towel cloth is used for the face. Whether the dirty towel cloth can clog pores, Causes of acne-prone face, these are all due to not completely clean towel cloth.

After a period of use, the terry cloth will harden or even turn yellow, which requires some simple techniques to clean and soften the terry cloth. First, we must prepare some salt. Salt is the most important cleaning tool. At the same time, the disinfection effect of salt is also a necessary disinfection tool for families.

Put an appropriate amount of salt in boiling water, but after soaking in the water basin, put the terry cloth into the water basin. After soaking for a period of time, you can take it out for washing and drying. After drying, you can feel that your terry cloth will become soft and clean. The approach is very simple. Here are some tips that many people don't know.

In addition to the softness of the towel cloth mentioned above, there is another place worth learning. Terry cloth can absorb a lot of bacteria every day, so the use of terry cloth should pay attention to hygiene, and the use of terry cloth when wiping hands should also pay attention to the use of terry cloth. Clean the terry cloth every day. You can use soap or hand sanitizer to clean the terry cloth. This is to prevent the growth of bacteria. 

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