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Benefits of using professional eyewear

Benefits of using professional eyewear


outside into the house, myopia will be directly white, the world can not see! After wearing glasses for a long time, it will inevitably fall into dust. Besides, in autumn and winter, some cities have more haze. What if the glasses are dirty? Maybe the reaction of most people is to take a breath on the glasses, take out the glasses cloth and even lift their sleeves and start wiping. But you know, it's easy to damage the lens.

Clothes have large fiber gaps and accumulate a lot of dust over time. If the cloth contains high hardness dust (such as fine sand, quartz hardness is 7), it will scratch the lens, so using this method to wipe the glasses will only be counterproductive, the more blurred. And glasses generally use optical glass lenses or resin lenses, good wear resistance, easy to scratch. Under the microscope, the scratches on the lens surface are mainly divided into two kinds: one is the scratches caused by gravel, which are shallow and small, and are not easy to detect by wearers; the other is the scratches caused by larger gravel, which are deep and rough around, and will affect the visual acuity in the central area.

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