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Characteristics of microfiber glasses cloth

Characteristics of microfiber glasses cloth


      Superior characteristics of microfiber glasses cloth

The microfiber with a diameter of 0.4 microns is only 1/10 of silk, and the special wedge-shaped cross-section makes it more effective to capture even a few microns of dust particles. The effect of decontamination and degreasing is very obvious, and your mirror surface is kept good. Perspective. The 50:50 polyester/nylon ratio makes the material extremely soft without any damage to the surface of the wiped object. It can be used with confidence even in the production of high-precision fields such as coated lenses and large-scale integrated circuits. The unique high-density weaving structure makes the specific surface of each gram of ultra-fine fiber clean cloth up to 220 square meters, and the suction area increases several times. Only a light wipe can completely clean the surface of the object. Ultra-fine fibers, excellent capillary effect, rapid water absorption and rapid drying become one of its remarkable characteristics. High-strength synthetic filament is not easy to break, and the fiber is not easy to fall off from the clean cloth, and there is no pollution in the clean area.

 microfiber glasses cloth

Grey cloth knowledge

Grey fabrics refer to unbleached cotton fabrics used for printing and dyeing. They are classified according to processing methods. They are classified into woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, and nonwoven fabrics. They are classified according to the raw materials of the yarns that make up the fabric. There are four points in how to judge the quality of gray fabric in four types of interwoven fabrics:

(1) See if the cloth surface is clean and flat, and the appearance is clean

(2) See the situation of Sansi

(3) Point latitude and longitude density, whichever is more suitable to the required specifications

(4) See if the cloth surface has a buckle, roving and other defects. If the overall cloth surface looks very comfortable, it is a good grey cloth.


glasses cloth

The service life of glasses cloth

The fibers of spectacle cloth are arranged closer than those of ordinary cloth, and the material itself is softer than ordinary cloth. This is because almost all spectacle lenses are coated lenses, and each standard lens has seven layers with different functions on the front and back surfaces. These countries and countries that have already achieved industrialization are doing the same as they did at the beginning of the century. A long-term energy development plan has been formulated to serve the growing economy. Most of the energy in Asia and Latin America is used for large-scale power generation or as a transportation fuel to help millions of people out of poverty. Next, one of the most important challenges for the US and Western economies will be increasingly fierce competition. The function of glasses cloth, the oil price has always been the benchmark of energy prices, and it will remain so in the foreseeable future.


glasses cloth

Characteristics of glasses cloth and cleaning method

Under a high-power microscope, the fibers of the eyeglass fabric will be tighter than those of the ordinary fabric, and the material itself will be softer than the ordinary fabric. This is because the current spectacle lenses are generally coated lenses, and each standard lens generally has seven layers with different functions on the front and back surfaces. Even for ordinary fabrics, even soft fabrics, the dust particles in the air will be embedded in the fabric fiber gaps for a long time. Using such a cloth to wipe the glasses is simply exaggerated like sandpaper. The special glasses cloth is much better in this respect, but it should also be cleaned regularly. Glasses cloth is best washed with laundry detergent, do not use clean water. Dissolve the laundry detergent with water (preferably warm water), then soak the cloth in the glasses for fifteen minutes, and then clean it. The material of the glasses cloth is also very important. It is best to rinse the glasses with water every time you wipe them. Glasses should also be kept clean, you can go to the optician shop to use ultrasonic cleaning. If it is not convenient, you can use detergent to clean the glasses, but try not to scratch the glasses


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