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From Pure Cotton Age to microfiber Age

From Pure Cotton Age to microfiber Age


◆ First, what is microfiber?

Microfiber are a kind of differentiated fibers which have developed rapidly in recent years. They are called new generation synthetic fibers. They are high quality and high technology textile raw materials. They are typical representatives of new synthetic fibers which are developing towards high technology and high simulation.

◆ Second, how about the performance?

Microfiber have very small bending stiffness and soft handle because of their small diameter.

The specific surface area of microfibers is very large, so the coverage, bulkiness and warmth retention of microfibers fabrics are obviously improved, and the contact times between large fibers and dust or oil stain are more, and the oil stain penetrates through the gap between fibers surface more, so it has a very strong cleaning function; microfibers are made into super-dense weaves. The void between fibers is between the diameter of water droplets and the diameter of steam droplets, so superfine fabrics have the effect of waterproof and vapor permeability.

Microfiber have many fine pores between microfibers, forming capillary structure. If they are processed into towel fabrics that can be wetted by water, they have high water absorption. Washed hair can quickly absorb water and dry quickly with this towel.

What are the applications?

Microfiber can be made into silk-like, peach-skin-like, suede-like, wool-like and high-density products. microfiber have opened up an unprecedented way in the textile field. Their main application fields are high-grade fashion fabrics, high-density fabrics, high-performance suede fabrics, peach-skin-like fabrics, human suede, high-grade mirror paper, gas filter materials. It can also be used in the field of biomedical engineering such as artificial blood vessel.

1. Silk-like fabrics

With the development of synthetic fiber spinning and processing technology, the appearance and wearability of synthetic silk-like fabrics are more and more close to that of real silk, even reaching the level of falsehood. Simulated silk fabrics made of microfibers not only have the advantages of soft, comfortable, luxurious and elegant silk fabrics, but also overcome the shortcomings of silk fabrics such as wrinkle, stickiness and poor fastness, which can meet people's desire for diversification and high-grade clothing.

From the development of superfine silk-like fabrics, the density of fibers used is generally about 0.1-0.5 dtex.

2. High Performance Clean Cloth

It is another representative product of superfine fibre products. Its fabrics have innumerable times more micro-pore than ordinary fabrics, higher specific surface area and micro-pore, so they have strong cleaning ability, fast and thorough decontamination, no hair loss, and can be reused after washing. It has wide applications in precision machinery, optical instruments, microelectronics, dust-free rooms and households.

3. Ultra-high density waterproof breathable fabric

Ultra-high density fabrics made of ultra-fine fibers are light in texture, good in drape, soft and plump in handle, and fine in structure. Although they are not coated and waterproof, they also have high water resistance, are easy to fold and carry, and are high value-added textile products.

Microfiber polyester-nylon peeled composite yarn is generally used in this kind of fabric, and the linear density of single yarn is generally 0.1-0.2 dtex.

4. Suede-like and man-made leather fabrics

After making knitted, woven or nonwoven fabrics from microfibers, suede-like or artificial leather fabrics can be made by polishing or plucking, impregnating polyurethane solution and dyeing and finishing. Many properties of the fabrics are as good as natural suede. They are light, soft, smooth surface texture, waterproof, breathable, strong and non-deformable.

Now on the market, there are many products which are used for microfibers: bath towels, bath bubbles, beauty towels, dry hair caps (designed for women), dry hair towels (designed for men), dishwash towels, household cleaning towels, baby cleaning towels, special car towels, car gloves, jewelry cleaning towels, etc.

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