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Glasses cloth related knowledge

Glasses cloth related knowledge


The use of microfiber glasses pouch

Microfiber glasses pouch suitable for high-end myopia, reading glasses, sunglasses. The glasses pouch is soft and delicate, and the protective lens is not easily scratched. It is convenient and light, easy to carry, and avoids the trouble that the large mirror box can not be carried. The surface feels very good and the workmanship is fine. The drawing bag is inlaid with a drawstring in the mouth of the mirror bag, which is free to expand and contract, and the glasses are safely protected and are not easy to slide out.

microfiber glasses pouch 

Microfiber glasses pouch, simple and convenient, easy to care for glasses, easy to wipe. The glasses pouch is soft and soft. It does not scratch the surface of the object and does not leave any trace after wiping. It has good dust removal effect, strong water absorption and oil absorption can be repeatedly cleaned and used in accordance with environmental protection requirements. It has fine hand feeling, good water absorption and oil absorption, environmental protection and Repeated cleaning. The storage bag made of microfiber cloth can be widely used for the cleaning and packaging of the above products.

 microfiber glasses pouch 

Five reasons to buy microfiber glasses cloth

Microfiber glasses cloth is woven by a special process, does not contain any chemical drugs, has super absorbent, no water stains on the surface after wiping; smooth and soft hand feel, effectively remove grease and grease. It has a protective mirror surface that is not scratched; it is not tarnished, lint-free, non-corrosive, can be repeatedly cleaned and has a long service life.

Washable and durable;

Does not damage the surface of the object after wiping;

High water absorption and an oil absorption

High cleaning power;

Feel delicate and soft.

Glasses cloth related knowledge

The glasses cloth is specially used for scrubbing the dust of the glasses lens. After scrubbing, rinse with clean water. Wiping the face with a glasses cloth can effectively maintain the pores of the sweat and avoid acne. There are many varieties of glasses cloth: glasses cloth mainly with sheepskin, glasses cloth with microfiber, and glasses cloth with suede and double-faced velvet.

microfiber glasses pouch


Under the high power microscope, the fibers of the glasses cloth are arranged more closely than the fibers of the ordinary cloth, and the raw materials of the glasses are softer than the ordinary cloth. This is because the glasses under the eyes are simply coated lenses, and each of the standard lenses has seven layers of different functions.

Even if the ordinary fabric is soft again, the dust particles in the air will be embedded in the fiber space of the fabric at all times. Using such a cloth to wipe the glasses, it is as exaggerated as using sandpaper. Special glasses cloth is much better in this respect, but also pay attention to punctuality and cleanliness.

Microfiber properties

Microfiber is a typical representative of new synthetic fibers in the direction of high-tech and high-simulation of chemical fibers.

Since the microfiber has a small diameter, its bending rigidity is small, and the fiber feel is particularly soft;

The microfiber has a large specific surface area so that the coverage, bulkiness, and warmth retention of the microfiber fabric are remarkably improved, and the specific surface area of the large fiber is more frequently contacted with dust or oil, and the oil is infiltrated from the gap between the fiber surfaces. More opportunities, so it has a very strong cleaning function;

The ultrafine fiber is made into an ultra-high-density fabric, and the gap between the fibers is between the diameter of the water droplet and the diameter of the water vapor droplet so that the ultra-fine fabric has a waterproof and vapor-permeable effect;

The ultrafine fibers have many fine pores between the microfibers to form a capillary structure, and if processed into a towel-like fabric which can be wetted by water, it has high water absorption, and the washed hair can quickly bring water with the towel. Aspirate and make the hair dry quickly;

Due to the above characteristics, microfibers can be made into silk, imitation peach, suede, wool and high-density products. Microfiber has opened up an unprecedented way in the textile field. Its main application areas are High-end fashion fabrics, high-density fabrics, high-performance crepe fabrics, imitation peach skin fabrics, human suede, high-grade mirror paper, gas filter materials, etc., can also be used in biomedical engineering fields such as artificial blood vessels.

microfiber glasses pouch

Microfiber towel identification method

The difference in feel. The feel of the microfiber towel is very soft and comfortable, and the ordinary cotton material towel is rough to the touch. This method of hand recognition can be confusing if there is no contrast, so you can take the ordinary towel around you when you buy it.

Water absorption test. The high-quality microfiber towel absorbs water several times faster than ordinary towels. This test method is very convenient and effective. You can sprinkle some water on the table when you buy it, then cover the towel with it. If it is super fine. The fiber towel can completely absorb the moisture in a few seconds without leaving it on the table.


microfiber glasses pouch


Will microfibers replace cotton?

Microfiber does not replace pure cotton, and the two materials are not the same thing. Ultra-fine water absorption, no lint Mainly used in beauty salons, car wash, wiping mechanical parts, not suitable for face washing! Pure cotton is mainly used as a face towel, but it will be slippery, hard and smelly for a long time. This is the disadvantage of pure cotton.

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