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Glasses cloth related introduction

Glasses cloth related introduction


Professional glasses cloth material

Professional glasses cloth material is more compact than ordinary fiber cloth, and the cloth will be softer, so professional glasses cloth wipes the lens instead of picking up the clothes in the corner and wiping it away. In addition to ordinary microfibers, the material of the eyewear fabric is also made of velvet fabric, including single-sided protrusions and double-sided plush, which is softer and softer in use. A more advanced suede-like fabric that feels like natural suede leather, with a fine and smooth texture, used to wipe the lens clean without scratching the lens.


glasses cloth 

Maintain glasses and glasses cloth properly

There are hundreds of eyewear cloths on the market. Choosing the right eye cloth can prolong the life of the glasses. The poor eye cloth and the uncomfortable method will make the glasses easy to wear. The correct way to maintain our glasses is to clean them with detergent and then wipe the water stains with the glasses cloth. There are many types of glasses cloth, mainly sheepskin, microfiber, suede, and double velvet. After research, under a high-power microscope, the fibers of the glasses cloth are arranged more closely than the fibers of the ordinary cloth, and the material itself is softer than the ordinary cloth. This is because almost all of the spectacle lenses on the market are coated lenses. Even if the ordinary cloth is soft again, the dust particles in the air will be embedded in the fiber gap of the cloth for a long time. Wiping the glasses with such cloth is like If you wear glasses like sandpaper, you can imagine how harmful it is. Special glasses cloth is much better in this respect, but you should also pay attention to regular cleaning.

 glasses cloth 

Can glasses cloth be used to wipe glasses?

Why do you say that glasses cloth can not be used to wipe glasses? The fact is mainly because many times, when you buy glasses, the merchant sends you the glasses case and glasses cloth, the quality is relatively poor.

Use qualified glasses cloth It looks like nonsense, but it is important! If you think your glasses are not of good quality. Generally speaking, professional glasses cloth materials are more compact than ordinary fiber cloths, and the cloth will be softer, so professional glasses cloth wipes the lenses, rather than picking up the clothes in the corner and wiping them off. In addition to ordinary microfibers, the material of the eyewear fabric is also made of velvet fabric, including single-sided protrusions and double-sided plush, which is softer and softer in use.

Glasses cloth should be cleaned regularly for a long time. Therefore, remember to wash your glasses frequently. Glasses cloth should be wiped in one direction.


What is the difference between glasses cloth and ordinary cloth?

Spectacle cloth is a special cloth specially used to scrub the dust of spectacle lenses. So, what is the difference between the cloth of glasses cloth? What is the difference between glasses cloth and ordinary cloth?

The fibers of spectacle cloth are arranged closer than those of ordinary cloth, and the material itself is softer than ordinary cloth.

Ordinary fabric: It is only suitable for lightly wiping the mirror surface that has been cleaned. Since the ordinary fabric has no gaps to accommodate dirt, the surface of the rag will be very dirty and difficult to clean.

Microfiber fabric: Wet use can emulsify dirt and oil stains, and microfiber can be wiped off more easily. High water absorption, so that it can clean the spilled liquid very quickly.

Towel maintenance skills

Carefully follow the care label instructions. When washing towels, avoid overheating and drying for a long time. Tumble drying in the dryer can make the cotton towels more fluffy and soft, but this effect cannot be obtained by hanging to dry.

The amount of detergent used is half of the recommended amount on the washing label to make the towel softer. Avoid pouring detergent directly onto the towel. Directly pouring detergent onto the towel will cause detergent residue to remain on the towel and cause the towel to harden. Choose mild detergents and minimize the use of chlorine-containing bleach.

Do not use fabric softener frequently. Avoid using fabric softeners containing silicone resin. Such softeners will leave a layer of wax after use to affect water absorption. Wash dark towels and light colors separately. Avoid washing towels with clothes containing zippers, hooks or buttons. These items can damage the towel coil. Do not wash the towel and clothing together, the terry fabric will wrap the thin and soft fabric clothing inside.

Put the towel completely on the clothes rail and dry it vertically to dry it quickly. The number of washing times affects the usage time of the towel. The fewer the washing times, the longer the towel usage time. Do not leave the damp towel for too long, it will breed mold and bacteria.

There are also tips on how to make the towel soft. You can add 20 grams of soda ash or a suitable softener to the boiled water for 3 minutes, and then rinse with warm water and cold water several times.

Towel use

Household cleaning series dish towels: suitable for cleaning tableware, tea sets, glassware, etc.

Multipurpose wipes: suitable for wiping or cleaning household appliances, furniture, leather products, etc.

Screen nursing towel: suitable for cleaning and nursing of computer, TV fluorescent screen and various precision instruments.

Cloth Wipes: This cloth product can be attached to smooth walls such as tiles, glass, furniture, etc. You can wipe off the moisture on your hands at any time.

Efficient car wipes: "High water absorption, strong decontamination, no hair fall, easy to wash" can make your car cared for!

Pet bath towels: It can quickly remove the water from the body of the pet after bathing. The handbag set diagonally on the bath towel is convenient for the owner to wrap the pet with the bath towel.

Sports towel: It has good water absorption, breathability and antibacterial properties, so that sweat can be quickly dried, and can also be used in the shower.

Bath towel: It can easily absorb the moisture on the surface of the skin, wrap it at will, and gently.

What are the characteristics of microfiber warp knit towel cloth?

The characteristics of microfiber towel cloth is that its bending stiffness is very small, the fiber feels particularly soft, and it has a strong cleaning function and waterproof and breathable effect. Superfine fibers have many fine pores between the microfibers, forming a capillary structure. If processed into a towel fabric, it has high water absorption. Washed hair can quickly absorb water with this towel and make the hair Quick dry.


 Points for attention in the production of microfiber towels

(1) The choice of fabric

In the current production of microfiber towels, the choice of fabric is really important. Under all the same conditions, the effect of different fabrics in digital printing is different. Even when the fabrics are very different, the difference in effect will be very large. Therefore, you must pay attention to when choosing microfiber fabrics, it is best to go to the scene to see and choose. Good products definitely need good fabrics.

(2) Selection of equipment

As a company, the equipment is the most important and can be said to be the most expensive machine. It will not be replaced in a short time after being selected. Therefore, before choosing equipment, you must have your own ideas, the product positioning of the enterprise, the company's willingness to invest in equipment, and so on. If the equipment is randomly selected and the customer's requirements are not met in the production of microfiber towels, which is inconsistent with the positioning of its own enterprise, it is likely that there will be a waste of equipment. Say it is a huge blow. In addition, the equipment must be well maintained for a period of time, so that the equipment can be maintained at the best production transition at any time, which is responsible for the enterprise and the customer.

(3) Control of production links

There are many production steps for microfiber towels, especially if printing is added, there will be more steps, so the production steps must be well controlled. If there are any errors in the steps, cutting corners will definitely affect the product. Production has a very big impact. Therefore, every step in the production must be controlled, and every step must be completed with high requirements so that the products produced will be high-quality products.

(4) Personnel

No matter how good the equipment is for people to use, no matter how good the fabrics are for production, no matter how many steps people need to control, if you want smooth production of microfiber towels, experienced and capable producers are necessary. This is particularly obvious in digital printing, because many manufacturers have begun to introduce digital printing technology, but the production technicians are still the producers of traditional printing. Traditional printing is completely different from digital printing. If you do not look for professional personnel to carry out production, there will be problems. Therefore, in the production of microfiber towels, professional production personnel are necessary.


How to distinguish the material of microfiber cloth and non-woven cloth?

Features of microfiber cloth:

(1) Feel soft and light.

(2) Paste the microfiber cloth on the ordinary cloth clothes, conductive non-woven fabric, the microfiber is also stuck on the clothes in the vertical state of the clothes, which shows that the fiber's fineness is thin enough, it is a microfiber cloth.

(3) The real microfiber is rolled up slowly after being crumpled, Wuxi nonwoven fabric, and the fake microfiber is quickly loosened.

Characteristics of non-woven fabrics:

(1) Pay attention to whether the light transmission performance of the cloth is consistent (this is an important and simple method to judge the uniformity of the cloth). Then spread it on the flat ground, the product with good uniformity, the cloth surface should be free from undulation.

(2) Observe whether the cloth surface is shiny. Is there any fiber floating on the surface? If there is no luster or there are too many floating filaments, it is probably produced by recycling. Tear a piece of cloth and burn it completely with fire. Observe the burning residues. Good products have few residues and are flat. The secondary materials are produced. There are many tiny particles of dust.


The role of microfiber is to avoid the wear of glasses and glasses case

The glasses will inevitably fall into dust. At this time, most citizens choose to breathe on the glasses, take out microfiber, and even wipe them with their clothes. However, a recent Weibo said that microfibers are not used to wipe glasses. Long-term use of microfibers to wipe glasses will cause lens wear; the function of microfibers is only to wrap the lens and isolate it from the glasses case.

So what is the most suitable thing to wear glasses? How to clean the glasses will be the cleanest? Today I will teach you how to wipe your glasses correctly.

"Usually, the glasses are wiped with microfibers. I feel that the matching items must be particularly clean. I didn't expect to have the opposite effect." Now many restaurants can get microfibers as long as you go to eat, and they will also take it themselves. Come wipe the glasses. Another citizen wearing glasses said that if he does not use microfiber to wipe his glasses, what should he use to wipe his glasses?

Experimental materials: tap water, dirty glasses, dishwashing liquid, napkins

Experimental conclusion: clean with detergent, after washing with clean water, the mirror surface is refreshed. Generally, rinse with water. After absorbing and drying the clean napkin, just dry it. If you encounter oil or stains on the mirror surface, you can add detergent or hand soap.

"Although the public sounds a bit novel, microfibers are not really used to wipe glasses." According to the statement that microfibers are not used to wipe glasses, the role of microfibers is only to avoid the wear of glasses and glasses cases. "Most of the microfibers are given to consumers as gifts, so the cost is very low. Its fiber gap is large, and it will accumulate a lot of dust over time. Therefore, it is only counterproductive to wipe glasses with such microfibers. blurry."


What are the characteristics of thermal transfer glasses cloth?

The thermal transfer lens cloth is heated to improve the principle of dye heat absorption in the ink, and the dye is improved to penetrate into the cloth fiber during the thermal transfer to complete the handling printing, and the transfer can withstand the sun and rain without fading. And the color is bright, the layers are distinct, and the three-dimensional sense is strong. The digital transfer of glasses cloth is widely used in the home, private, lens, digital products, computer screens, jewelry wall clocks, musical instruments, and other items, is a close companion of modern life.

Thermal transfer glasses are more and more valued by their common personalization and color changes. Because the fiber of the glasses is 1/10 of the silk, the clarity and beauty of digital printing It is also impossible to reach the other fabrics. Digital printing glasses outside the thermal transfer glasses cloth, strong brand promotion role. So we are committed to letting customers "do the least amount of money to do the most thoughtful, most useful advertising." Personalization of glasses cloth printing: can make any shape, any picture you want. Not only is the picture bright and changeable, but the advertisement also will not be objectionable to the customer, and the cost will not be high.


Nowadays, the use of microfiber glasses cloth is more and more extensive

Glasses cloth can be divided into microfiber glasses cloth, as well as suede and double velvet glasses cloth and so on. Spectacle cloth is specially used for scrubbing the dust of spectacle lenses. After scrubbing, it can be rinsed with clean water. Glasses cloth can also wipe your face and wash your face. It can have a skincare effect, which can effectively protect sweat pores, prevent acne, exfoliate, old skin, cuticle, mite removal, etc.

The use of microfiber spectacle cloth is very extensive. The fabrics made of it are subjected to high-level finishing such as sand washing and velvet. The surface forms a peach-skin-like appearance, which is extremely bulky, soft, and smooth. The ultra-fine fibers can absorb dust, particles, and liquids that are 7 times their own weight. Each filament is only 1/200 of the hair. This is the reason why the ultra-fine fibers have superior cleaning ability. The gaps between the filaments can attract dust, grease, and dirt until they are washed away with clean water or soap or detergent.

Superfine fibers have strong water absorption. And because it is only kept in the gap, it can be dried quickly, so it can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria. Ultra-high-density fabric made of ultra-fine fibers, although high in density, is light in texture, good in drape, soft and full-feeling, and has a fine structure. Although it is not coated and waterproofed, it also has high water resistance and lightness. Easy to fold and carry, it is a high value-added textile product.

Glasses cloth has been widely used in recent years. Many young people who love beauty will use it to wash and wipe their faces. The main reason is that glasses cloth not only cleans and wipes the lens of the glasses, it can also be used for beauty, skincare, and the effect is very obvious. inexpensive. Now, glasses cloth is very popular, and its market sales have surged to four times the previous market. In the beauty industry, glasses cloth is a trend, fashion, it is also a quality product that can be seen and used.


Comparison of microfiber glasses cloth with glasses of other materials

Microfiber glass cloth is a kind of rapidly differentiated fiber. It is called a new generation of synthetic fiber. It is a high-quality, high-tech textile material. It is a high-tech, high-simulation chemical fiber. A typical representative of new synthetic fibers. So, how to accurately acquire and use these purifying and wiping products, let's take a look at the material characteristics of these purifying and wiping products:

1, the sub-fine glasses cloth used is 100-165 grams of glasses cloth (4009D glasses cloth, 4009D glasses cloth, 4009A glasses cloth, etc.), this type of clean cloth cleaning effect is good, no watermarks, water mist. The most important thing is still economical (about 50% savings compared to microfiber clean cloth) cost-effective. It is the current glass cover professional, TP touch screen professional use of the most dust-free cloth.

2, blended glasses cloth, weight 130-165 grams of cloth (SH809G glasses cloth, SH809L glasses cloth), it's super-strong liquid absorption, decontamination can be better than the US microfiber, has better wear resistance, is an alternative The best choice for microfibers.

3, microfiber glasses cloth, weight 140 - 210 grams of cloth, woven from ultra-fine and tough fibers, with super-arranged structure, soft and tough characteristics, neither damage to the work and low dust and low ions The strength of the content. It has excellent water absorption and decontamination ability, but the high price also affects its application.


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