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How Can You Use Glasses Cloth To Clean The Lenses? Glasses Cloth Material

How Can You Use Glasses Cloth To Clean The Lenses? Glasses Cloth Material


Superfine fiber synthetic leather technology Japan leads the global high-end market. Japan is the country with the most advanced microfiber synthetic leather technology in the world and monopolizes the high-end market. Japanese synthetic leather is basically high-grade artificial leather made of superfine fibers, and the annual output growth rate of artificial leather is more than 20%.In 2003, the output of artificial leather in Asia reached 176.75 million m2, of which 516.56 million m2 was produced in Japan. Japan’s microfiber artificial leather not only has Kuraray’s technology, but other companies such as Teijin, Toray, Asahi Kasei, Mitsubishi, Kanebo, and other companies also have their own microfiber artificial leather technology. At present, they have adopted various measures. Enter the Chinese market, but they are not the same. Synthetic leather manufacturers in South Korea and Taiwan have a long history of producing high-end differentiated materials with high durability and high performance, focusing on ultrafine fiber artificial leather. At the same time, Chinese synthetic leather manufacturers, which produce various fashion materials according to various patterns in Italy, pursue low prices of synthetic leather and realize the enterprise nation of microfiber leather, which has attracted the attention of the synthetic leather industry. At present, in the field of leather for sports shoes, the mainland, South Korea, and Taiwan are forming a three-legged situation. Apart from glasses, you can use glasses cloth to clean the lenses.

1. A simple method, use clean water to wash

Optical cleaning cloths are recommended to use room temperature water because the cleanser will affect the coating of the glasses if the water is used with high temperature or using detergent essence. When cleaning, control the size of the water flow, not too big, avoid wet clothes, rinse with water, and then use a soft napkin to absorb it in the water.

2. A simpler way, ask the clerk to help clean when passing by the optical shop

Now, many glasses are equipped with ultrasonic cleaners, and free glasses cleaning services are provided.

3. Another simple way to buy professional lens cleaning paper

Many people may not know that, in fact, there are special lens cleaning papers, single-piece, easy to carry, and the effect is very good.

Professional glasses cloth material

Professional glasses cloth material is tighter than ordinary fiber cloth, and the cloth will be softer, so professional glasses cloth wipes the lens instead of picking up clothes in the corner to wipe it off. In addition to ordinary microfiber, the material of the glasses fabric is also made of velvet fabric, including single-sided raised and double-sided plush, which is softer and softer in use. A more advanced suede fabric that feels like natural suede leather. It has a fine and smooth texture and is used to wipe the lens clean without scratching the lens. Glasses cloth should be cleaned regularly. It is inevitable that glasses cloth is used for a long time, and the good materials are the same. After all, we have so much dust in a microfiber cloth. So, remember to wash your glasses often. Wipe the glasses cloth in one direction.

Product parameter of Glasses Cloth:

Glasses Cloth

Product features of Glasses Cloth:

  • Microfibers are liquids that absorb 7 to 8 times their weight or surfaces of microfibre cotton fabrics equal to 7 to 9 times their weight.

  • Another advantage of microfiber is quick-drying, unlike cotton fibers. microfiber dry faster, so bacteria are difficult to grow here, bacteriostasis, long-term use odorless.

  • Microfiber is durable, reusable, and washable thousands of times until they lose their effectiveness.

Product Image of Glasses Cloth:


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