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How to choose glasses cloth and use it correctly?

How to choose glasses cloth and use it correctly?


How to choose glasses cloth?

1.According to the coarse subdivision of the original yarn of the glasses cloth. Of course, the finer the raw silk, the more delicate the cloth, and the less loss to the lens and frame. The mainstream products on the market are basically woven with 75d silk. Some manufacturers use 95d or even 150d raw silk to weave in order to improve the feel and reduce the price.

2.According to the composition of the raw silk.

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Maintenance and cleaning methods of spectacle lenses

The maintenance and cleaning of spectacle lenses should be based on washing. The cloth is used to cover the spectacles. Do not wipe it directly with a dry cloth, because there are many tiny dust particles on the lens. If you dry it, the cloth will put these dust particles in Rub your lens back and forth. To put it bluntly, it's just like sandpaper. Rub it back and forth on the lens with sandpaper. Over time, your lenses will get rid of hair. If it is dirty or oily, rinse it with tap water, add some detergent or hand sanitizer, rinse it with clean water, and then gently soak the water dry with a napkin, so that the washed lens is clean and will not be damaged. Membrane! You can wash your glasses and lenses with hand sanitizer every morning after washing your face. ...

The glasses cloth is usually wrapped around the glasses before they are put in the box, and is not used to wipe the glasses. If you use lens cloth or clothes to dry-wipe the lenses every time, the new lenses will be wiped off by you within half a year, which will affect the clarity and the appearance.

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Three misunderstandings of wiping glasses with glasses cloth

The first major misunderstanding is to find something to wipe the glasses, because people need to wear glasses often in life, and some people see that the glasses are dirty, they may find a handkerchief or a cloth that they think is clean to wipe the glasses. In fact, the surface of these fabrics are all It is rough, but it is invisible to the naked eye. Wiping the glasses with a cloth will rub the lens repeatedly, causing the lens to change, and the more you wipe it, the more blurred it becomes. ...

The second biggest misunderstanding is that you hold the lenses with your hands. Many people think that their hands are relatively clean. Therefore, when you wipe the glasses with your hands, there will be sweat or grease on your hands. It is very difficult to wipe off the sweat or grease on the glasses. , So don’t touch the lenses when holding glasses. ...

The third biggest misunderstanding is that clothes wipe glasses. Many people's habit is to wipe glasses directly with clothes, because people think that their clothes are soft and will not damage the glasses. In fact, the softness of clothes is for the person himself, but for glasses, The clothes are still very rough and it is easy to damage the lenses.

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What exactly does the glasses cloth do?

There are many types of spectacles, but most spectacles require regular cleaning of spectacle lenses. The most common spectacle lenses are resin spectacle lenses. The lenses are very light and thin, but they are prone to scratches. For resin spectacle lenses, we cannot wipe them with ordinary glasses cloth.

We choose glasses cloth, there are several materials of cloth can be used as glasses cloth. The most basic is silk, this kind of glasses cloth is very light and thin, suitable for the resin lens that is easy to stain.

There is also a flannel glasses cloth. This kind of glasses cloth is made of chemical fiber, so it is very cheap, but the effect of cleaning the glasses is still very good, the price is low, and it is suitable for cleaning ordinary glasses.

What is better is the venison skin glass cloth, the material is relatively thick, and feels a special feeling.This kind of glass cloth is very good in water absorption and oil absorption, but the price will be more expensive. When cleaning the glasses with this kind of eyeglass cloth, the glasses can be maintained very well.

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