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How to choose good microfiber towels and microfiber towels characteristics?

How to choose good microfiber towels and microfiber towels characteristics?


The best microfiber towels are only 1/10 of the silk. The warp-knitted terry cloth made by imported looms has a uniform, compact, soft, and highly elastic fine piles on its surface. It has strong decontamination and water absorption properties. No damage to the surface to be wiped, no cilia shedding common to cotton fabrics; easy to wash, durable, etc. What are the characteristics of microfiber towels?

Disadvantages of microfiber towels: First of all, the production process of microfiber towels is complicated, so the cost is high. Normal microfiber towels are several times that of pure cotton;

Secondly, the microfiber towel cannot be sterilized by high temperatures, and its temperature cannot exceed 65 degrees. Of course, the microfiber towel cannot be ironed with an iron;

Finally, because of its strong adsorption, microfiber towels hair cannot be mixed with other items, otherwise, it will be stained with a lot of microfiber towels for curly hair and dirt.

Of course, there are many advantages: the superfine fiber fabric after sand washing, sanding, and other high-level finishing will form a layer of peach skin and hairy appearance, and it is extremely bulky, soft, and smooth. The superfine fiber towel has high water absorption. , Strong detergency, no hair removal, long life, easy to clean, and not easy to fade.

What should I pay attention to when buying good microfiber towels?

Good microfiber towels should not only feel thick but also light and thin. Thick bath towels are highly absorbent and warm when wrapped around the body. But if it is too heavy, it will make people worry about cleaning. It is not easy to rub or dry. So choose a thick and light bath towel. 

White or plain microfiber towels are generally processed without dyes. If there is a printing and dyeing process, you should also choose those bath towels that are environmentally friendly and do not have any additives. The plain bath towels can also be woven with a cut pile, untwisted, jacquard, and other techniques to produce beautiful patterns, which is not lacking in elegance.

Good microfiber towels are strong but should not be rough. It should be soft to the touch, and attention to detail. If you look at the edging work of the bath towel and whether the trademark is hidden in the joint, you can judge whether the bath towel you are looking for is "delicate".

When buying a good microfiber towels, look at the material on the label. The raw materials used in good bath towels are generally fine combed cotton or long-staple cotton. Although the cost is high, the bath towel woven in this way has a dense texture and a soft touch. Because bath towels often require high-temperature disinfection and washing, choose those made from heat-resistant plant fibers.

Product parameter of microfiber towels

microfiber towels

Product features of microfiber towels

  • Super absorbent dropping is not can't afford to rub off the ball 

  • delicate texture, soft, lint-free, strong water absorption, easy to wash and quick-dry, soft touch and good hand feeling, strong cleaning ability, durable.

Product Image of microfiber towels

microfiber towels

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