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How to Clean Dust-free Cloth

How to Clean Dust-free Cloth


Generally used in semiconductor production line chips, microprocessors, precision instruments, disk drives, material turnover boxes in semiconductor assembly line, composite materials, display products, circuit board production line, optical products, etc., the cleaning techniques of dust-free cloth LCD screen are as follows:

First of all, we should talk about the use of pure water in factories, and then about the use of clean water to clean the screen. That is, water without impurities, which is added when cleaning glass, that is to say, the factory does not use pure water to clean the polarizer screen.

Usually in the process of use, the contaminated substances are often oily. These substances use water only, and it is difficult to integrate into oily substances. When wiping with a cloth, the adsorptive force is not so great as being wiped off by a cloth, but rather hard to be scraped off, which is very harmful to the appearance of polarizers. Moreover, clean water has the ability to absorb. Compared with anhydrous alcohol, it has more activity, such as scrubbing iron sheet with anhydrous alcohol, and scrubbing iron sheet with clean water, which is easy to rust.

Dustless cloth product characteristics: excellent dust removal effect, with anti-static function, can be used on both sides of the fused edge sealing, low ion release, not easy to cause chemical reactions! Optional Edge Sealing: Ultrasound, Laser, Cold Cutting!

As a dust-free cloth, its cleaner cloth manufacturers have different treatment methods. Fibers appear in the diversity of the forms of dust-free cloth, which leads to the application of dust-free cloth in different industries.

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