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Introduction of Double Fleece

Introduction of Double Fleece


Double-faced fleece is divided into woven double-faced fleece and knitted double-faced fleece. Knitted double-faced fleece is generally used in home textiles, such as bed sheets.
The wiping clean is the woven double-sided fleece. The woven double-sided fleece is made of superfine fiber nylon-polyester composite yarn, which is woven with a 2-latitude double-sided fabric. The high-grade clean cloth produced by the
polyester/nylon double-group composite superfine fiber has a monofilament fineness less than 0.2dtex, which is about one-tenth of the ordinary fiber fineness. This kind of composite fiber special textile, open fiber and other processing technology,
The capillary effect is formed between the fiber and the fiber, the fiber density is high, the specific surface area is large, and the contact area with the wipe is large. Therefore, various water, dust, oil stains in the wipe are transferred to the inside of the
fiber, and the decontamination is rapid , Clean and dry, transparent as new, no lint, no mildew, long wash and durable. After testing, its water absorption is 5 times that of cleaning cloth made of ordinary wiping materials, and its durability and washing
resistance are 3 times. This kind of clean cloth is very soft and elegant. It is an ideal clean product for hotels, restaurants, factories, homes, glass curtain walls, automobiles, computer precision instruments, meters, optical discs, camera lenses, glasses,etc. The microfiber cloth is composed of polyester and nylon. It has a comfortable hand feel, strong water absorption, strong cleaning function, no damage to the surface of the article, no lint, and protection of the product.

Product features of double-sided fleece wipes

1. It is cleaned by 18MΩ ultra-pure CDI and packaged in the most advanced class 100 clean room; the four sides are sealed by laser, the hair and fiber are reduced, the amount of dust is low, and the amount of ion emission is low   

2. Excellent dust removal effect, with anti-static function; high water absorption, soft and will not damage the surface of the object; provide sufficient dry and wet strength;   

3. It is not easy to cause chemical reaction. Optional edge banding: ultrasonic, cold cutting   

4. Dust-free cloth The edge of the product is sealed by the most advanced edge trimming machine. After wiping, it will not leave particles and thread ends, and has a strong decontamination ability.  

5. It can adopt the method of fusion sealing on both sides and heat sealing on the other two sides, or fusion sealing on four sides, which can provide better protection of the sealing.  

6. The surface of the 100% continuous polyester fiber double-woven fabric is soft and can be used to wipe sensitive surfaces, with low dust production and no fiber removal due to friction. It has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Especially suitable for dust-free purification workshop. The edges of dust-free cloth, dust-free wiping cloth, microfiber dust-free cloth, and microfiber wiping cloth are sealed by the most advanced edge trimming machine. After wiping, there will be no particles and thread ends, and the decontamination ability is strong.

Performance of microfiber towels

1. High cleaning power

One of the major uses of microfibers is to make cleaning cloths, wipes or microfiber towel cloths. This gives full play to its high cleaning ability. When fabrics made of microfibers are used to wipe objects, the single fiber is very thin. Each fiber is like a sharp knife, easy to scrape off the dirt, and the superfine fiber is very soft and will not damage the surface of the lens.

2. The hand feels fine and soft

The degree of fiber bending resistance is expressed by bending stiffness. The smaller the bending stiffness, the softer the fiber. The flexural stiffness of the fiber is proportional to the 4th power of the fiber diameter. When the linear density is reduced from 1.1dtex to 0.11dtex, the fiber fineness is one-tenth of the original, while the fiber’s flexural stiffness is only one hundred thousand. One part, so the softness of the fiber is greatly increased.

3. High water absorption and oil absorption

When the fiber becomes thinner, its specific surface area increases, and at the same time, more and smaller capillary holes are formed. The increase of the fiber specific surface area can improve the moisture absorption of the material, and more importantly, make the capillary of the ultrafine fiber fabric. The wicking capacity is greatly increased, which can absorb and store more liquid, water or oil.

4. Do not damage the surface of the object after wiping

This superfine fiber is only 0.1ddtex. It is very thin, but it is tough. Its wedge-shaped cross-section polyester structure and starfish-shaped cross-section nylon structure can extend into any uneven surface to completely remove dust. Moreover, nylon is thin and soft and will not scratch the surface of the object.

5. Washable and durable

The superfine fiber towel cloth made of polyester and nylon has stronger frictional strength than natural fiber and regenerated fiber, so it is not easy to fall off when used, and it will not fluff even if it is used more than 2000 times. So it can be washed and used repeatedly.

Microfiber ant cloth

1. Excellent dust removal effect, with anti-static function;

2. Efficient water absorption;

3. Soft and will not damage the surface of the object;

4. Provide sufficient dry and wet strength;

5. Low ion release;

6. It is not easy to cause chemical reaction.

Instructions for use of microfiber ant cloth

1. Super water absorption performance, can also be used as a bath towel, dry skin after bathing or swimming, especially suitable for girls with long hair.

2. Decontamination, oil removal and self-cleaning function, suitable for cleaning the surfaces of kitchen towels, furniture, etc., such as sofas, furniture, household appliances, household crafts, etc. Use this towel to wipe dirt and dust on the 

surface of the object; or spray the cleaning agent Wipe after the surface of the object.

3. Used to wipe the car, it can completely absorb the particulate dust inside and outside the car. Because of its ultra-fine fiber, it will never damage the surface of the car. Its powerful water absorption function will quickly remove water stains without leaving any traces.

4. Office cleaning protection: cleaning office countertops, folders, computer monitors, mainframes, keyboards, and various office supplies, etc., can be used for both dry and wet, directly wipe with water or use with detergent.

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