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Is the glasses cloth used to wipe glasses?

Is the glasses cloth used to wipe glasses?


Generally speaking, every friend who wears glasses will carry a glasses cloth with him for cleaning after the lens is dirty. But recently, a "glasses cloth is not used to wipe glasses!" Weibo has attracted public attention. So is the cloth used to wipe glasses?

Experts said: "The glasses cloth is really used to wipe the lens, but now many people wipe the glasses in the wrong way, easy to damage the lens." According to the internet, eyeglasses cloth will be stained with dust, wiping eyeglasses with it will damage the lens, so its general purpose is to put in the eyeglasses box to avoid friction between the lens and the eyeglasses box. "I don't know. I think the glasses cloth is used to wipe the lenses." Mr. Zhou, who has been wearing glasses for more than 10 years, said that since the first time he wore glasses, the staff of the glasses shop had told him that the cloth was used to clean the lenses. Now, it is not believable to see the statement on the Internet.

What is the function of glasses cloth?

Experts said: Eye cloth can be used to wipe lenses, but this is also to pay attention to methods. Most glasses today are made of resin lenses, but many glasses wearers do not clean their lenses properly. Glasses and lenses must be rinsed with clean water. If there is oil stain, you can use a little detergent or hand sanitizer. After rinsing, you can use the cloth to absorb the water. If you want to wipe the lenses with a glasses cloth, you must blow the dust off the lenses before you wipe them in one direction. You can't rub them back and forth. Otherwise, you will easily damage the lenses.

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