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Microfiber Glass Cloth Enhances Durability

Microfiber Glass Cloth Enhances Durability


In fact, glasses cloth is a necessary product for glasses consumers, and the market demand is very large. To enhance competitiveness, in addition to quality, we should follow the trend of fashion at any time, according to the needs of different glasses, make articles on style and color. Eyeglasses cloth has the function of maintaining and nursing eyeglasses. With the changing material of eyeglasses and lenses, the information of eyeglasses cloth has also changed. Microfiber material has replaced the original ordinary eyeglasses cloth.

The so-called ultra-fine fiber eyewear refers to microfibers with a diameter of 0.4um. Its fibrillarity is only 1/10 of the special wedge cross-section of silk. It can effectively capture dust particles up to several microns from the surface of the wipe. The effect of removing dirt and oil is very obvious, and the lenses feel good without hair loss and scratch.

Microfiber eyewear is made of polyester and nylon (80% polyester and 20% nylon), which makes its material extremely soft. These materials are transformed into ultra-fine fibers through fission synthesis and weaving process. They can be safely used even in high-precision areas such as bat-plated lens and large-scale integrated circuit consumption process.

Microfiber optic cloth can be washed about 600 times, which greatly improves the durability of the product. Nowadays, the newly developed microfibers with polyester and nylon as components have stronger friction strength than natural fibers and regenerated fibers. They are not easy to fall apart when used, and can not fur even if used more than 2000 times, and can be reused for cleaning.

At present, besides wiping glasses, glasses cloth can also be used to wipe jewelry, fine instruments, watches, CD, furniture, automobiles, musical instruments, mobile phones and so on.

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