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Must-know Facts About Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Must-know Facts About Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


Types of cleaning cloth

1. Multi-purpose cleaning cloth: various sizes, with and without fingers, can be used in various places at home.

2. Special cleaning cloth: It is a kind of thick and soft cleaning cloth that is comfortable to use. It is suitable for cleaning oily equipment such as ventilation fans.

3. Kitchen cleaning cloth: specially used for kitchen cleaning, can effectively remove bacteria.

4. Micro sponge cleaning cloth: It is made of rag and mesh surface, it is water-absorbing and wear-resistant, and it has a wide range of use.

5. The cleaning cloth that can put the gloves in: It is very convenient for wiping mirrors, faucets and door handles.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Function of cleaning cloth

The cleaning cloth can remove dust, mold, miscellaneous bacteria, oil stains, watermarks, and soot. The cleaning cloth has the properties of good water absorption, no swarf, and washing resistance, does not contain any chemical or pharmaceutical ingredients, can remove dust, perspiration, and stains, and is widely used in household cleaning.

Maintenance of cleaning cloth

If the cleaning cloth is dirty, it should be washed immediately with soapy water, hand-washed or placed in the washing machine. Do not use alkaline bleaching agent or softener to avoid discoloration of the cleaning cloth, just dry it out after washing.

microfiber cloth

How to use microfiber cleaning cloth efficiently and correctly?

1. Use microfiber cleaning cloth in a freely stretched and folded form. Because this can make the work of the microfiber cleaning cloth easier or save time.

2. It is very dirty to use a microfiber cloth to clean a dark surface, so a light-colored microfiber cloth is better for cleaning, and it does not leave stains.

3. Rinse the microfiber cloth as often as possible during the cleaning process with the microfiber cloth so that a greater degree of cleaning effect will be obtained, and the dirt will not be left on the cleaning cloth to scratch or scratch the surface.

4. "Special towel", a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the same work or area.

5. Microfiber cloth containing magnets can remove impurities, so do not press too hard when cleaning, because this may damage and scratch the cleaning surface. Moreover, pressing the microfiber cloth forcefully will destroy its microfiber organization and affect its cleaning and decontamination ability, because its microfiber filaments are very small, which is 1/200 of human hair.

After cleaning with the microfiber cleaning cloth, clean it immediately, and clean the residual stains in the fiber in time, which helps to maintain the service life of the cleaning cloth. The microfiber cleaning cloth cannot be exposed to high temperatures higher than 60 degrees, because the microfiber filaments are very small, only 1/200 of the hair strands. High temperature will destroy the internal structure of the microfiber and affect its use effect.

glass cleaning cloth

The difference between lens cloth and glasses cloth

The difference between lens cloth and glasses cloth is that lens cloth can be used to wipe glasses but glasses cloth cannot. Since the lens cloth is a special fiber fabric, it has good moisture absorption, no lint, high strength, no damage to the lens coating, and can be reused. If it is dirty, it can be washed with warm water and dried before use. When using the lens cloth for the first time, it is recommended to wash it gently with warm water and dry it before using it. Many people think that the glasses cloth is used to clean the lenses, but after years of wearing experience, the glasses cloth can not be used to wipe the lenses, because that kind of dry wipe will wear the protective film of the lens and damage the lens over time. When you are not wearing glasses, put them in the glasses case. The glasses cloth is like a protective film to protect it from friction and collision inside the glasses case. Glasses cloth is not actually used to wipe the lenses. Its function is only to prevent the wear of the glasses and the glasses case!

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