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Simple Judgment Method Of True And False Ultrafine Fiber

Simple Judgment Method Of True And False Ultrafine Fiber


Due to the huge market prospects of microfiber towels, it is currently found on the market that some commercial homes use textiles mixed with a large amount of eyelen or cotton to imitate microfibers, which seriously affects the interests of consumers. Will cause great reputation damage. To this end, we must learn how to identify true and false ultrafine fibers. Here is a simple way to judge true and false.  


1 Hand touch method. Good-quality microfibers are delicate and soft to the touch and have a sticky feel (the microfibers can feel the tiny hairs on the skin). Products mixed with Jinglun have no sticky feel to the touch, and feel elastic with a little effort, just like the usual sportswear of Jinglun (now less people use, mainly in poor and backward rural markets); products mixed with cotton feel It is also non-sticky and feels a bit like a cotton towel.  

2 How to use. When a good-quality microfiber towel is used to wash your face, if you wring it out and scrub your face, you will obviously feel that it will not move, and the resistance is great (the microfiber can penetrate into the pores, and the friction will be large when the towel is too dry. Wet washing is particularly emphasized in the instructions); products that incorporate eyelen or cotton will not have this obvious feeling when used.  

3 Check the water absorption. You can do a simple test, pour a few portions of water on the table, and test the water absorption of several towels separately. The superfine fiber towels of good quality absorb water faster and more, and the other types absorb water less slowly.

Microfiber towel cloth has broad development space in the field of cleaning  


The microfiber towel cloth feels soft and delicate, does not shed hair, has a soft luster, has high cleaning ability, high water absorption, high oil absorption. After dyeing and finishing, it is used to make export towels for families, shopping malls, hotels, offices, and public places. The cleaning work brought a new concept. The product also has the ability to completely wipe off and absorb the dust, sand, dirt and other impurities on the surface of the wiped object. It is easy to clean out, and it is really clean after one wash, especially for moisture absorption. The quick-drying performance has broad development space in the cleaning field.  

When ordinary towels are used, especially natural fiber towels, the dust, grease, dirt, etc. on the surface of the object to be wiped are directly absorbed into the fiber. After use, it remains in the fiber, which is not easy to remove, and even becomes hard after a long time. Loss of flexibility, affecting use. The superfine fiber towel absorbs dirt between the fibers. In addition, the fiber has high fineness and high density, so it has strong adsorption capacity. After use, it only needs to be cleaned with water or a little detergent.  

The high-strength synthetic filament is not easy to break, and at the same time, it adopts the fine weaving method, which does not spin, does not fall off, and the fiber does not easily fall off the surface of the towel. It is used to make cleaning wipes and car wipes, which are especially suitable for wiping bright painted surfaces, electroplated surfaces, glass, instruments and LCD screens, etc. The glass is cleaned during the car filming process, which can achieve a very ideal filming effect. Due to the high strength and toughness of superfine fiber, its service life is more than 4 times that of ordinary towels. It will not change after washing for many times. At the same time, polymer fiber will not produce protein hydrolysis like cotton fiber. After use, it will not dry, nor will it mold or rot, and has a long life.  

About the classification of microfiber towels  


1. Beauty towel  
It is made of ultra-fine fibers that are 200 times thinner than hair, and ordinary towels can only wipe off moisture, not beauty. And this kind of towel can penetrate deep into the pores through its adsorption force, and can wash away the dirt in the pores and the aged cutin on the skin surface. Coupled with simple care of the lotion, the skin will become white, smooth, tender, and feel. Refreshing and comfortable. For young men and women with acne during adolescence, it can deeply cleanse the excessive oil secreted in the pores and avoid the redness and swelling of the skin caused by bacteria infection.  

2. Bathing sports towel  
Compared with ordinary towels, it can penetrate deep into the pores and completely remove dirt. The surface is soft, dense and fluffy, with good water absorption and antibacterial properties. Used in sports, it can absorb sweat immediately, and its soft texture will make you feel more comfortable; when used in bathing, its strong adsorption can effectively remove dirt and dead skin cells on the skin surface, which is a healthy and comfortable life Essentials 

3. Quick-drying hair wrap cap  
This product is made of 100% superfine fiber, which is anti-mildew, antibacterial, soft, and delicate. The surface is dense and velvety. It has super water absorption that ordinary towels do not have. When used, it will not cause any damage to the hair. damage. Because it is a long hat shape, it is more suitable for women with long hair. After bathing or shampooing, wrap the long hair in a hair-wrap cap, twist it into a braid and buckle it behind the head according to the instructions. It can dry hair quickly without delaying makeup, watching TV or doing housework. Full of noble, elegant and generous.  

4. Use more wipes  
According to its characteristics of strong water absorption, strong adsorption, strong decontamination, no hair removal, and easy cleaning, whether it is high-end furniture, glassware, window mirrors, cabinets, sanitary ware, tile floors, wooden floors, even leather sofas, leather clothes , Leather shoes, etc., can be wiped and cleaned with this high-efficiency wipe, clean, refreshing, without leaving water marks, and without any detergent. It is easy to use, which not only greatly reduces the labor intensity of household cleaning, but also greatly improves labor efficiency  

5. Use small squares more  
When it is used to wash dishes, the remaining yellow dirt on the dishes can be cleaned, especially for scrubbing cookware, rice cooker lids, refrigerators, etc., which is not possible with ordinary rags: "especially easy to wipe clean", It can be cleaned in time with detergent or soap when it is used up. It will not mold, produce peculiar smell, and will not breed bacteria.

Unique characteristics of microfiber towel cleaning  

1. The raw material of the superfine fiber towel has a fiber fineness of 0.4μm, which is only 1/10 of the real silk. It is made of imported looms. Its surface is a uniform, compact, soft, and highly elastic fine pile, which is extremely strong. Pollution and water absorption performance. No damage to the surface of the object being wiped, and meticulous care for the body of your car, without the common cilia and water marks of cotton fabrics, making your car as clean as new.  

2. High water absorption: The polyester/nylon composite yarn of superfine fiber towels is made of orange petal technology to divide the filament into eight petals, which increases the surface area of the fiber and the pores in the fabric. The capillary wicking effect enhances the water absorption effect and quickly absorbs water. And fast drying becomes its distinguishing feature, which can quickly solve the problem of water droplets on the surface of your car after washing your car.  

3. Strong detergency: The fineness of the 0.4μm microfiber is only 1/10 of the silk, and its special cross section can more effectively capture dust particles as small as a few microns, and the decontamination and degreasing effect is very obvious. Don't let go of every small dust in your car, let you sit in the car with a kind of clean and comfortable home.  

4. No hair removal: The high-strength synthetic filaments are not easy to break. At the same time, the fine weaving method is adopted, which does not spin, does not fall off, and the fibers are not easy to fall off the surface of the towel, so that you will never leave a trace after rubbing your car.  

5. Long life: Due to the high strength and toughness of superfine fiber, its service life is more than 4 times that of ordinary towels, and it will not change after washing for many times. At the same time, polymer fiber will not be like cotton fiber. Produce protein hydrolysis, even if it is not dried after use, it will not be moldy or rot, and has a long life span, which can solve the inconvenience caused by frequent towel changes.  

6. Easy to clean: When ordinary towels are used, especially natural fiber towels, the dust, grease, dirt, etc. on the surface of the wiped object will be directly absorbed into the fiber, and remain in the fiber after use, which is not easy to remove, even after a long time It will harden and lose its elasticity, affecting its use. The microfiber towel absorbs dirt between the fibers (rather than the inside of the fibers). In addition, the fiber has high fineness and high density, so it has strong adsorption capacity. After use, it only needs to be cleaned with water or a little detergent.  

Precautions for the use of double-sided terry cloth  

Matters needing attention when using towels:  

1. When cleaning furniture, home appliances, kitchen utensils, sanitary ware, floors, leather shoes, clothing, be sure to use wet towels, not dry towels, because dry towels are not easy to clean after being soiled.  
2. Special reminder: The towel must be cleaned in time after it is dirty or sticked with tea (staining agent), and can't wait for half a day or even a day to clean it.  
3. Dishwashing towels cannot be used to wash iron pans, especially rusty iron pans. The rust on the iron pan will be absorbed by the towel and it is difficult to clean.  
4. Do not iron towels with an iron, and do not touch hot water above 60 degrees.  
5. Do not wash with other clothes in the washing machine (the superfine fiber towel has too strong adsorption power, if you wash it together, it will stick to a lot of lint and dirt). Do not use bleach and soft jelly to wash towels, etc. product.  
6. For young people and babies with delicate skin in the early stage of use, don't use the beauty towel too hard, just rub it gently, and it will be fine after a few days. (Because the ultra-fine towel is very thin, 1/200th of the hair, it is cleaned thoroughly and has strong adsorption).  
7. Wet towels are easier to rot than dry towels and are prone to bacteria.  

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