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The application,type and advantage of microfiber

The application,type and advantage of microfiber


Application of microfiber

The fabric made of it, after sand washing, sanding and other high-level finishing, forms a layer of appearance similar to peach skin and hair, and it is extremely bulky, soft and smooth. The high-end fashion, jacket, T Shirts, underwear, culottes, etc. are cool and comfortable, absorb sweat not close to the body, and are full of youthful beauty.

Foreign countries use superfine fibers to make high-grade artificial suede, which not only has the appearance, feel and style exactly like real leather, but also has a low price. Because the microfiber is thin and soft, it can be used to make a clean cloth with excellent decontamination effect. It can wipe all kinds of glasses, film and television equipment, and precision instruments without any damage to the mirror surface. The microfiber can also be used to make the surface extremely smooth Super high-density fabric, used to make sportswear for skiing, skating, swimming, etc., can reduce resistance and help athletes create good results.

In addition, ultra-fine fibers can also be used in various fields such as filtration, medical and health, and labor protection.

Application of microfiber

Types of microfiber

The varieties of ultra-fine fibers include: ultra-fine denier viscose yarn, ultra-fine denier nylon yarn, ultra-fine denier polyester yarn, and ultra-fine denier polypropylene yarn.

The finished products can be divided into four main categories:

(1) Artificial leather;

(2) Wipe cloth;

(3) High density fabric;

(4) Others (including filtration, heat preservation, sound absorption, synthetic paper and medical materials).

It has a wide range of applications, so there are many varieties.

Types of microfiber

Maintenance method of glasses cloth

The maintenance and cleaning of the lenses should be based on washing.

The glasses cloth is placed in the box to avoid friction between the lens and the glasses case. Wrapping the glasses can play a buffering role, effectively preventing collisions or scratches and damage from sharp and hard objects. It can also absorb moisture and perspiration attached to the frame to keep it dry and prevent The frame is corroded.

But there are exceptions. A clean glasses cloth can be used to wipe the glass lenses, and the lenses need to be cleaned every time they are wiped. Wiping the lens with the dust on the glasses cloth will cause damage to the lens. If you dry the lens with a lens cloth or clothes every time, the glasses will be wiped off within half a year, so if the glasses are dirty, you should rinse them with water or spray a cleaning agent. After washing, dry it with a napkin. If there is no detergent, you can use detergent to replace it. It is recommended to buy a lens cleaner, or you can go to the optician to clean it with ultrasound.

Similarly, do not use glasses cloth to wipe camera lenses, etc.

glasses cloth

What material is good for glasses cloth?

There are many types of glasses cloth. There are sheepskin glasses cloth, microfiber glasses cloth, suede and double velvet glasses cloth.

(1) Sheepskin glasses cloth: The main material of sheepskin glasses cloth is of course sheepskin, of course it is not pure sheepskin, but the content of sheepskin will occupy a certain percentage, and this material will have a rough feeling to the touch. It also looks a little fluffy. And this kind of glasses cloth actually has some harm to the glasses.

(2) Double-sided fleece glasses cloth: Many of us generally use this kind of glasses cloth. Double-sided fleece is a more common and traditional glasses cloth. It has velvet on both sides, which makes the glasses The cloth is very comfortable in terms of overall vision and touch. For a long time, people have used double-sided velvet glasses cloth, which can be said to be a kind of glasses cloth deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

(3) Microfiber glasses cloth: With the advancement of science and technology, glasses cloth is constantly innovating. Now the latest glasses cloth will belong to superfine fiber. The microfiber glasses cloth is a further step in the overall feel, and it is the most effective for the protection of the glasses. Every time you wipe the glasses with it, the damage to the eyes is minimal. The ultra-fine fiber glasses cloth on the market has basically replaced the original ordinary glasses cloth.

Microfiber glasses cloth

Microfiber waffle towel

The shape of the microfiber waffle towel is a grid-like concave shallow cavity. The shallow cavity on the towel fabric effectively increases the surface area and absorbs more water in the smallest area. The shallow cavity of the waffle occupies the large space of the towel fabric, which dries quickly, absorbs more water, and absorbs more water. many.


1. Super absorbent, grid-shaped shallow cavity, water absorption is 7-10 times that of ordinary towels.

2. Super decontamination, strong decontamination ability, the shallow cavity of the pineapple grid has more space to hide dirt, and the dirt stays in the fiber instead of cleaning the surface.

3. Does not shed lint.

4. Does not fade.

5. Antibacterial.

Suitable for making velvet blankets, scarves, shawls, pajamas, nightgowns, bathrobes, children's blankets, children's clothing, baby clothing series, four-piece bedding sets, and household clothing.

Microfiber waffle towel


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