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The Correct Steps to USE Clean Glasses Cloth(Must Learn)

The Correct Steps to USE Clean Glasses Cloth(Must Learn)


Steps to clean glasses cloth

It is best to wash the glasses cloth with laundry detergent instead of clean water. Dissolve the laundry detergent with water (preferably warm water), soak the eyeglass cloth in it for 15 minutes, and then wash it off. The material of the glasses cloth is also very important. It is best to rinse the glasses with water every time you wipe the glasses. The glasses should also be kept clean. You can go to the optician to clean them with ultrasound. If it is inconvenient, you can clean the glasses with detergent, but try not to scratch the glasses.

clean glasses cloth

Three misunderstandings of wiping glasses with glasses cloth

1. Find something to wipe the glasses, because people need to wear glasses often in life, and some people see that the glasses are dirty, they may find a handkerchief or a cloth that they think is clean to wipe the glasses. In fact, the surface of these cloths is rough. , It’s just that it’s invisible to the naked eye. Wiping the glasses with a cloth will rub the lens repeatedly, causing the lens to change, and the more you wipe it, the more blurred it becomes.

2. Many people think that their hands are relatively clean, so when you use your hands to wipe the glasses, there will be sweat or grease on your hands. It is very difficult to wipe off the sweat or grease on the glasses, so Do not touch the lenses when holding glasses.

3. Wiping glasses with clothes. Many people's habit is to wipe glasses directly with clothes, because people think that their clothes are soft and will not damage the glasses. In fact, the softness of clothes is for people themselves, but for glasses, clothes are still very good. Rough, it is easy to damage the lens.

lens cleaning cloth

The harm of dry-wiping glasses with glasses cloth

When the glasses are matched, the glasses shop will send a glasses case. There is a glasses cloth in the glasses case. People think that the glasses cloth is used to wipe the glasses. It turns out that the glasses cloth makes the lenses of the glasses very flowery, and there is a lot of dust on the lenses. Dry wipe with glasses cloth will make these dust particles rub back and forth on the lens, like sandpaper, the lens will be blurred over time. Glasses cloth is used to wrap the glasses, so it is usually placed in the glasses case to avoid friction between the lenses and the glasses case.

eyeglass cleaner wipes

Four major uses of glasses cloth

1. Glasses cloth can clean the surface of glasses, glass mirrors and other mirrors made of glass, resin and other materials to remove dirt

2. Clean the surface of glasses, glass mirrors and other mirrors made of glass, resin and other materials to remove stains and absorb grease.

3. Wrapping glasses can play a buffering role, effectively preventing collisions or scratches from sharp and hard objects.

4. Absorb the moisture attached to the frame and keep it dry.

glasses cloth

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