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What are the reasons for choosing microfiber fabric?

What are the reasons for choosing microfiber fabric?


Water absorption performance of superfine fiber absorbent towel

First of all, we must analyze the composition of the superfine fiber absorbent towel. The composition of the superfine fiber towel is woven from polyester and nylon in a mixed ratio. Polyester has good gloss and strong cleaning ability; nylon has strong water absorption and fast drying speed. Microfiber towels are usually produced with a ratio of 80% polyester and 20% nylon, which is just right. But it can also be made of 70% polyester and 30% nylon, 75% polyester and 25% nylon.

Secondly, the superfine fiber absorbent towel has good water absorption. There is also an important process decision, that is, "opening". The opening is the polyester/nylon composite filament splitting the polyester/nylon composite filament through physical methods, and the ultrafine fiber is formed after splitting. The fiber structure is orange petals, the surface area of the fibers increases, and the pores between the fibers increase. The microfiber towels use these pores to fully absorb and lock water.

Therefore, the reason why the superfine fiber towel absorbs water is not only determined by the composition of polyester and nylon, but also depends on the quality of fiber opening. The fiber opening is good, the water absorption is strong, the fiber opening is not good, and the water absorption is not ideal.

superfine fiber absorbent towel

Brief analysis of the characteristics of microfiber cleaning cloth

1. In terms of appearance and feel, the microfiber cleaning cloth is soft, with fine loops, and feels fluffy and elastic.

2. From the perspective of internal structure, the internal structure of microfiber after fiber opening is orange petal-shaped rice, and there are many direct gaps between the fiber and the fiber. Therefore, the superfine fiber cleaning cloth has strong water absorption and is of ordinary cotton fiber cloth. 7-9 times; the direct gap between fiber and fiber can easily absorb dust, debris, dust, etc.

3. From the perspective of the use effect, the microfiber cleaning cloth is a long fiber, with high fiber strength and toughness. Basically, no fiber flakes will be left on the surface of the object during use, and its own micro-electrostatic effect can also absorb various lint.

4. From the point of view of decontamination ability, the fiber diameter of superfine fiber fabric is only 0, 4μm, and the fiber fineness is only 1/20 of silk. Its special wedge-shaped cross section can more effectively capture even a few microns of dust particles. Dirt is absorbed between the fibers (rather than inside the fibers), coupled with high fiber and high density, it is very easy to clean after sticking, unless it is stained with stubborn oil stains, do not need any chemical detergent to wash, use ordinary laundry Soap, gently rubbing in warm water can clean it.

microfiber cleaning cloth

The principle of decontamination ability of microfiber glasses cloth

Microfibers are arranged tighter than ordinary fabrics, and their material is softer than ordinary fabrics.

Although this fiber is very thin, it is strong and soft. The tapered polyester is embedded in the nylon core in the middle of the fiber, which can effectively absorb and accumulate dirt.

Ultra-fine fiber glasses cloth adopts four-sided ultrasonic cutting and then ultrasonic edge sealing technology, which is different from general heat sealing, but laser edge sealing and cold cutting edge sealing. After adopting this technology, the amount of dust falling on the fiber is less than that of ordinary heat-sealing, laser-wave-sealing, and cold-cut edge-sealing wipes. Combined with its high-tenacity synthetic fiber filament, it is not easy to break and effectively prevents its own dust and fiber from being damaged. Scattered. It is precisely because of this unique structure and special processing technology that the decontamination ability of the microfiber glasses cloth is so strong.

microfiber glasses cloth

Cleaning method of microfiber dust-free cloth

1. Wash with a washing machine in the isolation room and washing powder or hand wash with warm water and detergent.

2. Rinse thoroughly with clean water after washing.

3. Using bleach will shorten the service life of microfiber cleaning towels.

4. Do not use softeners. The softener will leave a film on the surface of the microfiber. Will seriously affect the wiping effect.

5. When washing or drying with other clothes in a washing machine, pay attention, because the microfiber fabric will adsorb the surface of the soft clothes and affect the use effect. Dry in the air or at medium and low temperature. Do not iron and expose to the sun.

microfiber dust-free cloth

What phenomena can glasses cloth prevent

1. The glasses cloth absorbs the moisture attached to the frame and keeps it dry.

2. Glasses cloth wrapped with glasses can also play a buffering role, effectively preventing collisions or scratches and damage from sharp and hard objects. To

3. The glasses cloth thoroughly cleans the stubborn stains remaining on the lens to make the picture clear. To

4. The glasses cloth wipes the lenses cleanly, quickly and conveniently. To

5. The glasses cloth cleans the dirt on the lens to achieve the clean function. To

6. The glasses cloth prevents the traditional cleaning cloth to wipe the lens from dander and leave water. To

7. Glasses cloth cleans the surface of glasses, glass mirrors and other mirrors made of glass, resin and other materials to remove stains and absorb grease. To

8. Glasses cloth can extend the use time of lenses.

glasses cloth

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