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What is the cloth for glasses cloth?

What is the cloth for glasses cloth?


Main features

Under a high power microscope, the fibers of the spectacle cloth are arranged more closely than those of the ordinary cloth, and the material itself is softer than that of the ordinary cloth. This is because the glasses at present are almost all diaphragm lenses, and each standard lens has seven different functional film layers on the front and back surfaces. Ordinary cloth, even if it is softer, dust particles in the air will be embedded in the fiber gap of the cloth for a long time. Wiping glasses with such cloth is exaggerated like sandpaper. Specialized glasses cloth is much better in this respect, but also pay attention to regular cleaning.

Cleaning methods

It's better to wash the glasses cloth with laundry detergent instead of water. Dissolve the laundry solution with water (preferably warm water), then soak the cloth in it for fifteen minutes, and then clean it. The material of the glasses cloth is also very important. Every time you wipe your glasses, you'd better wash them with water. Eyeglasses should also be kept clean, you can go to the eyeglasses shop with ultrasonic cleaning. If inconvenient, you can use detergent to clean the glasses, but try not to scratch the glasses, dry them after washing, do not let the sun shine directly.

Introduction to Functions

1. Extend the service life of lenses.

2. Prevent the traditional cleaning cloth from wiping off debris and leaving water marks.

3. Remove the stubborn stain on the lens thoroughly to make the picture clear.

4. Cleaning lenses at one time is clean, fast and convenient.

5. Clean up the bacteria on the lens to achieve the function of disinfection.

6. Clean the surfaces of glasses, glass mirrors and other mirrors made of various glass and resin materials, remove stains and absorb grease.

7. Packing glasses can play a buffer role, effectively prevent collision or scratch damage of sharp hard objects.

8. Absorb the moisture attached to the mirror frame and keep it dry.

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