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What Is The Difference Between Cut Pile Towel And Terry Towel

What Is The Difference Between Cut Pile Towel And Terry Towel


According to the basic tissue structure of the towel fabric, the terry distribution position can be divided into three types: single-sided, double-sided, and front and back exchanged terry. The different types of towels between cut pile towel and terry towel:

Cut pile towel meaning: 

Cut the loops of ordinary towels to make the surface of the fabric covered with smooth piles. Cut pile towels can be cut pile on both sides or cut pile on one side, and the other side still has piles. It can also be partially cut pile to form pattern pile loops to coexist and print on each other. Cut pile towels are soft, comfortable to use, and have stronger moisture absorption and softness than ordinary towels. After cutting the pile and then printing, it can increase the decorative beauty of the towel and improve the product quality. Cut pile towels are similar to terry cloths. The piles are cut and trimmed by cutting piles and the fluff on the surface of the fabric is shortened. The fluff is shorter than the pile cloth and is similar to the fluff on the surface of velvet. Many consumers love the delicate luster of cut pile towels.

Terry towel meaning: 

The towel structure is composed of two systems of warp yarns of wool and ground and one system of wefts, which is a complex organization. Towel weave is different according to the number of wefts forming a loop, and it can be divided into 3 wefts and 4 wefts. The arrangement ratio of wool warp and ground warp yarn varies according to different fabric requirements. The ratio of the hair warp to the earth warp is generally 1:1, 2:1, 2:2 or 3:1, etc. There are also 1:1 and 2:1 alternate arrangements. 

The wool and ground warp weaves of the simple 3-weft double-sided towel weave are the variable warp and flat, and the arrangement of wool and ground warp yarns is 1:1. The 3-weft single-sided towel weave has two types: front pile and reverse pile. 4 weft double-sided front and back exchange towel weave, one of the wool warp weaves, is the change warp, the ground warp, the warp, the ground warp, the arrangement of the wool warp and the ground warp are 1:1, and the warp yarns of the front and back loops are exchanged. To form the loops of the towel fabric, in addition to the towel weave, a special beating-up method must be supplemented with appropriate ground warp and wool warp tension.

Product parameter of towel


Product features of towel

  • Towel Usage-Main use in Cleaning car. Wide use: Can be used for car cleaning, doors and windows, lenses, bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen, tableware, office, sports, maintenance, and another purpose.

  • Towel Features-Super absorbent dropping is not can't afford to rub off the ball. delicate texture, soft, lint-free, strong water absorption, easy to wash and quick-dry, soft touch and good hand feeling, strong cleaning ability, durable.

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