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What is the function of eyeglasses cloth? How to wash eyeglasses correctly

What is the function of eyeglasses cloth? How to wash eyeglasses correctly


There are many kinds of glasses, what presbyopic glasses, myopic and hyperopic glasses, when buying glasses, they will be matched with glasses boxes, glasses boxes also have glasses cloth, of course, people think that the glasses cloth is used to wipe glasses, glasses cloth is not used to wipe glasses.

There are many kinds of glasses, hyperopia, myopia and presbyopia, all can wear glasses, with glasses others will send glasses box, glasses box has glasses cloth, people think that this glasses cloth is used to wipe glasses, it was found that the glasses cloth let glasses lens is very flower, come to see glasses with women's net. What is the real function of cloth? And what's the right way to clean glasses?

There is a lot of dust on the lenses. Dry wiping with the cloth will make the dust particles rub back and forth on the lenses. Like sandpaper, the lenses will blur over time.

If the lenses are dirty or greasy, rinse them with tap water and add some detergent. Rinse the lens with clean water and then suck it dry with napkins so that the film will not be damaged. Eyeglasses cloth is used to wrap glasses, so it is usually placed in the eyeglasses box to avoid friction between the lens and the eyeglasses box.

Wiping glasses with a glasses cloth is very damaging to the lens, often with a lens cloth or clothes directly dry cleaning lens, new lenses will not wear long blurred.

How to wipe your glasses?

1. Don't wipe dirty lenses directly. The lenses should be wet first, preferably rinsed on the tap.

2. When washing, it is better to use a small amount of dishwashing liquid, and rub the lens around the thumb and forefinger in concentric circle.

3. After the lens is clean, rinse the mirror with clean water.

4. Use suede and absorbent glasses cloth as far as possible, gently wipe clean, pay attention not to exert too much.

Glass cloth is mostly given as a gift to consumers, so the cost is low. It has a large fiber gap and accumulates a lot of dust over time. Wiping glasses with this kind of cloth will only be counterproductive and blurred.

Instantly, I felt that I was in a rising position. The cloth was originally used to wrap glasses, not to wipe my eyes. Sometimes it is not correct to understand the use of articles according to their literal meanings.

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