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What is the principle of high-performance anti-fog cloth?

What is the principle of high-performance anti-fog cloth?


What is the principle of high-performance anti-fog cloth?


Anti-fog glasses cloth, comprising a dry velvet layer, a water-locking fabric layer, an anti-fog solution cavity, a conductive layer, a slow-release fabric layer, and a superfine fiber layer, characterized in that the anti-fog solution cavity is a hollow cavity, and The mist solution cavity is filled with antibacterial water-absorbing material, and sufficient anti-fogging agent is absorbed in the water-absorbing material. The anti-fogging solution cavity is wrapped by a water-locking fabric layer and a conductive layer, and the water-locking fabric layer is composited with a dry fluff layer , The conductive layer is laminated with a slow-release breathable layer, the slow-release breathable layer is compounded with a superfine fiber layer, each layer of the anti-fog glasses cloth is treated with antibacterial treatment, the dry fleece layer, lock The water fabric layer, the anti-fogging solution cavity, the conductive layer, the slow-release fabric layer, and the superfine fiber layer are finally pressed and fixed by the pressing edge.

Moreover, the anti-fog lens cloth can be used repeatedly, and the environment-friendly anti-fog glasses cloth has a long service life.

So is the anti-fog mirror cloth useful? The anti-fog lens cloth can be used to wipe the mirror surface directly, and the stains can be removed. It has the functions of anti-fog, anti-frost, and decontamination. No irritation to the skin, no corrosion to the mirror, easy to use, one wipe can keep 1-2 days without fog.

What is the difference between the material of glasses cloth and ordinary cloth?


Under a high-power microscope, the fibers of the glasses cloth are arranged more closely than those of ordinary cloth, and the material itself is softer than ordinary cloth. This is because almost all spectacle lenses at the moment are coated lenses, and each standard lens has seven layers with different functions on the front and back surfaces. Even if the ordinary cloth is soft, the dust particles in the air will be embedded in the fiber gap of the cloth for a long time, which will affect the service life of the lens. The special glasses cloth is much better in this respect, but you must pay attention to regular cleaning.

What are the effects of wiping glasses with glasses cloth of different materials?

Spectacle cloth is a special cloth specially used to wipe the dust of spectacle lenses.

As an indispensable standard for the glasses family, although the material of the glasses cloth is very soft, there are many differences among them.

The fibers of the glasses cloth are arranged more tightly than ordinary cloth, and the material itself is softer than ordinary cloth.

Ordinary fabric: It is only suitable for lightly wiping the mirror surface that has been cleaned. Since ordinary fabrics have no gaps to accommodate dirt, the surface of the cloth will be very dirty and difficult to clean.

Microfiber fabric: When used wet, dirt and oil stains can be emulsified, and microfiber can be wiped more easily. High water absorption, so that it can clean the spilled liquid very quickly.

Fine-fiber double-fleece fabric: soft, gentle, full texture, but more fleece on one side.

Suede fabric: The feel and appearance are similar to natural suede. It is fine and flat, soft and plump. It is used to wipe glasses clean and will not scratch the lenses.

Can the anti-fog lens cloth be washed with water?

For the anti-fog lens cloth, wipe the glasses lens clean before using, and then wipe both the front and back of the lens with the anti-fog lens cloth.

The anti-fog lens cloth should not be touched or washed with water. After washing, it will have no effect. The anti-fog lens cloth still has a service life, and it will not be effective after hundreds of times of use, and it cannot be used like ordinary glasses cloth, otherwise it will reduce the anti-fog effect of the lens cloth.

How to distinguish true and false microfiber glasses cloth?

First, touch method. Good-quality microfibers are delicate and soft to the touch, and have a sticky feel. The microfibers can feel the tiny hairs on the skin. The products mixed with Jinglun have a non-sticky feel to the touch, and feel elastic with a little effort, just like usual selling The kind of Jinglun sportswear; cotton-added products have no sticky feel to the touch, and feel a bit like pure cotton towels.

Second, the usage method. When a good-quality microfiber towel is used to wash your face, if you wring out and scrub your face, you will obviously feel that it will not move, and the resistance is great. The microfiber can penetrate into the pores. When the towel is too dry, the friction will be large, so the product In the manual, it is particularly emphasized to wet washing. When products mixed with eyelen or cotton are used, this will not be obvious.

Third, check the water absorption. You can do a simple test, pour a few portions of water on the table, and test the water absorption of several towels separately. The superfine fiber towels of good quality absorb water faster and more, and the other types absorb water less slowly.

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