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What's the difference between different fabrics of glasses cloth?

What's the difference between different fabrics of glasses cloth?


Eyeglasses cloth is a special cloth for cleaning the dust of eyeglasses. So, what's the difference between eyeglasses cloth and ordinary cloth?

As an indispensable standard of spectacle family, the material of spectacle cloth is very soft, but there are many differences among them. Now the small edition will introduce the main material of the glasses cloth for you, let you know in detail whether the glasses cloth will bring unnecessary harm to your glasses.

The fibers of the spectacle cloth are arranged more closely than those of the ordinary cloth, and the material itself is softer than that of the ordinary cloth.

Ordinary fabrics: It is only suitable for light cleaning mirror. Because ordinary fabrics have no space to contain dirt, the surface of the cloth will be dirty and difficult to clean.

Microfiber Fabric: Wet use can emulsify dirt and grease stains. Microfibers can be cleaned more easily. Super absorbency, so that it can very quickly clean the spilled liquid.

Fine fibre double-down fabric: soft, mild, full texture, but more single-sided fluff.

Suede Fabric: Hand feel and appearance are similar to natural suede, compact, smooth, soft and plump, used to wipe glasses is neither clean nor scratched lenses.

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