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Why can't the new towel be used directly?

Why can't the new towel be used directly?


◆ Do not use the new towel directly, but wash it with water before use.

◆ The used towel should be cleaned, dried and dried before use, so as to meet the requirements of health. If it is repeatedly used without cleaning and drying, or even shared by many people, the chance of bacterial transmission will increase greatly, and may lead to cross infection. Our country's health organization has also issued a special document, advocating that consumers use three towels for men and four towels for women;

◆ The place where towels are placed shall be kept ventilated and dry to prevent spots or various bacteria from growing and increase the service life of towels;

◆ Do not use bleaching water to bleach household towels, so as not to damage the skin;

◆ Towels should be replaced in time. Any product has a service life. Towel is made of fiber fabric, which is organic. Its service life is generally 3 months.

Therefore, the towel should be replaced in time according to the use time. If the towel is mildewed or hard, change it immediately.

◆ Everyone must have their own special towels, and configure different towel products according to the needs. Facial towel, bath towel, bibulous Wrap Head towel, sports towel should be used separately;

◆ The towels shall be cleaned in time after use, disinfected once a week, and dried or sun dried in time;

◆ After the towel becomes greasy, it can be washed with salt water.

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