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Why is glasses cloth so popular

Why is glasses cloth so popular


People who wear glasses will have a lot of inconvenience, for example, when they enter the house from outside in winter, myopia will be white in front of their eyes, and the world will not see it! If they wear glasses for a long time, they will inevitably fall into dust. If there is dust on the glasses, what should they do? The glasses cloth is a good choice. Maybe most people's reaction is to glasses. Take a breath and then wipe it with your clothes. In fact, if you wipe it with your eyeglasses cloth, it will be much cleaner. So today, the next edition will bring you together to understand the knowledge of eyeglasses cloth.

Characteristics of spectacle cloth:

Extend the service life of lenses. To prevent the traditional cleaning cloth from wiping off the debris and leaving water marks on the lens. Remove the stubborn stains on the lenses thoroughly to make the picture clear. One-time cleaning of lenses is clean, fast and convenient. Remove the bacteria on the lens to achieve the function of disinfection. Clean the surfaces of glasses, glass mirrors and other mirrors made of various glass and resin materials, remove stains and absorb grease. Packing glasses can play a buffer role, effectively prevent collision or scratch damage of sharp hard objects.

Classification of glasses cloth:

1. Kitchen cleaning cloth: specially used for kitchen cleaning, can effectively remove bacteria.

2. Multi-purpose cleaning cloth: All kinds of sizes, with and without fingers, can be used in all kinds of places at home.

3. Micro sponge cleaning cloth: Made of rag and mesh, water absorption and wear resistance, wide range of use.

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